Urban Farming Incubator

A home for a farm-to-table food tech startup in Milwaukee.




Zoning Analysis


Planet to Plate, Inc.


In Design

This concept design for Planet to Plate Inc. focuses on remediation of industrial real estate in a burgeoning but under-served neighborhood in Milwaukee to create an immersive local destination that revolves around healthy access to fresh food. The Hub is an urban agricultural center that operates year round as a light manufacturing facility, providing access to shared production infrastructure for local ag-tech brands, and helping to subsidize community access to fresh healthy food. An array of community engagement programming, including classrooms, event spaces, and marketplaces activate the agricultural spine in unexpected ways, creating a piecemeal approach to localizing food distribution systems and providing individuals with personal agency over their consumption habits.

Food production distribution (left) versus population distribution (right) in the US does not currently align.

What kind of efficiencies can be created from bringing farming, food production, distribution, and consumption together all under one roof?

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